Can't decide on a song for your first dance? Call Raptor Productions!

Can’t decide on a song for your first dance? Call Raptor Productions!

The first dance is one of the highlights of the reception; when you and your new spouse journey out onto the dance floor together. But what if you don’t know what song to dance to? For many couples, the idea of having “our song” is a relic of the past, because how could one single song encapsulate your whole relationship? But if you don’t already have a song, what will you dance to? There is a lot of pressure in wedding planning, so when choosing your first dance song, here are some considerations to help.

Consult Your Married Friends

We are quick to ask for advice in so many facets of our lives, but we sometimes hesitate to ask for advice when it comes to choosing a first dance song. Is this because it is “supposed” to be such a personal choice or is it because we want it to be a surprise? Whatever the reason, consider putting it aside and ask your friends and family what song they danced to and how they chose it. They might provide insight into the process that helps you choose, or they might suggest a song that you haven’t thought of but totally love. You can also reach out to your wedding DJ for suggestions of popular first dance songs.

Shuffle It

Plug your iPod into the car stereo, set it to shuffle, and just listen. The perfect song might already be hidden in an old playlist but you’ve forgotten about it. If you have thousands of tunes in your library, this could take some time, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Go Goldilocks

No this isn’t a reference to some cartoon theme song. Rather it is the suggestion to find a good middle ground in song characteristics. You want something that isn’t so fast that you and your partner have trouble keeping up, but you also don’t want it to be too slow and boring for the audience. Likewise, you don’t want the song to be too short or too long. You want there to be time for you to enjoy the song (and get some sweet pictures), but remember that your guests have to sit and watch this part and they may want to dance eventually too.

Related Interests

Think about other things that you and your betrothed like a lot, and look for ways to reference those that are related. If you have a favorite movie, is there a song from the soundtrack that you’d like to dance to? Or maybe you really like one singer, producer, or era of music, that could be a good place to start looking for a first dance song.

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