Gear up for your summer wedding with the following tips!

Gear up for your summer wedding with the following tips!

Summer weddings are romantic and picturesque, but the unpredictable weather can often put a damper on a fun party. Plan ahead, and discover four last-minute ways to ensure that your wedding is everything you’ve always wanted.

Back Up

During the summer, humidity is high in East Coast cities like Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Humidity doesn’t just create an uncomfortable outdoor wedding, but it can also ruin the bouquets and boutonnieres you selected for the event. Ask your florist if they can provide backup, or take the necessary measures to ensure that your flowers will look lovely all evening long.

Similarly, if your wedding is outdoors, ensure that you have a backup plan for rain. If the venue doesn’t provide a covered area, consider renting a tent for the evening. 

Be Cool

If your summer wedding is outdoors, it’s important to provide your guests with ways to cool down. Parasols and fans can double as parting gifts, and large patio umbrellas can offer refuge from the hot sun. Ensure that your guests are well-hydrated, and offer refreshing drinks before the ceremony begins. Serve your favorite summer cocktail, like a frozen punch, and non-alcoholic treats such as snow cones. Not only will chilly treats cool your guests down, they’ll make for the perfect Instagram picture!

Bug Out

A wedding by the open water might look picture perfect, but mosquitos can quickly send guests indoors. Combat the bugs with citronella candles and tiki torches. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Include miniature bottles of bug spray with your parting gifts, or leave bottles out where your guests can easily locate them.

Turn Up

If you haven’t done so already, ensure that you have a professional DJ to get your party started. A wedding without music is like a birthday party without cake, and you don’t want your event to fall flat. If you’ve already booked a DJ, call them a few weeks ahead of time to confirm the date and time of your wedding.

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