The best way to get the most from your wedding DJ services is to get everything you want in writing. Have a meeting with your DJ before the wedding so everything can be sorted out and make sure all requests are on a finalized list. If for some reason any last-minute changes occur, they can be fixed because it will give everyone ample time to prepare for them. 

Here are 14 tips to get the most out of your wedding DJ services. 

1) Meet up with the Wedding DJ at least once, preferably before your wedding date so that you can see if he is any good or not. If he’s a respected one in the music business and has many references, go for it.

2) Discuss what songs you want to be played at your wedding and the flow of events (cake cutting, bouquet throwing, etc). The DJ will keep in touch with you on phone or by email to confirm these.

3) Check if the DJ is willing to play music from all genres to cater to all guests.

4) Go over all possibilities for last-minute changes in the dance floor proceedings (i.e., unexpected events like an over-eager relative wanting to take over the mic/dance floor, etc.).

5) Once you’ve finalized your wedding DJ, send his name out to all your friends and relatives so that they know who to contact in case they want to make tweaks to their playlists.

6) Make sure you provide the DJ with a list of all your requirements and how you want them done. The DJ will need this for last-minute changes and also on the big day itself. For example: Don’t ask him at 9:30 pm if he’s playing the cake cutting song in 5 minutes. Make sure this is on your requirements list.

7) Talk about events that will be happening at the wedding (i.e., bouquet throwing, cake cutting, etc), how you want them announced, and what kind of mic/speakers are to be used for each event. For example: If you want a mic to be passed around for your friends and family to shout out the usual wedding wishes, make sure this is on the list.

8) Mention any special requests, surprise acts, or announcements you may want during your event.

9) A good DJ will help with taking care of minor equipment problems (i.e., bulb blowing, mic not working, etc). However, if you have major equipment requirements, discuss them in advance so that the DJ can get extra cables or anything else.

10) Tell your DJ your initial and last song. Make sure you send these to the DJ in a timely fashion so they can finalize their playlist lineup.

11) Discuss how you want dance floor proceedings planned. For example, a mix of old and new songs or just the latest top 10 club mixes, etc.

12) Lighting requirements are also important to note as many DJs are providing this service now! Try uplighting or spotlighting to spice up your wedding experience. 

13) Most importantly, make sure you discuss everything in detail with the Wedding DJ at least two weeks before the date of the wedding, preferably more! If you are not clear about everything or it’s not on the list in detail, make sure you discuss it in advance with the DJ. Then in case of any last-minute problems, you’ll be able to sort things out.

14) Remember: A good Wedding DJ will make your day more special while a bad one can spoil all of that fun and enjoyment! So please be careful when selecting a DJ.

In conclusion, a good DJ will make your wedding experience more enjoyable for everyone. They can also be a great asset if prepared properly and knows what to do when certain events occur at the wedding. So consider these tips and enjoy yourself! It’s your big day after all! Contact Raptor Productions today for more information on how to get started!