Planning a Homecoming Dance? Call Raptor Productions!

Looking for the best DJ for the Homecoming Dance? Call Raptor Productions!

The first day of school is still several weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the Homecoming Dance. Beginning the planning process during summer helps to mitigate stress, and ensures that you have enough time to book important vendors like a professional DJ. Discover five of the best tips for planning your 2019 Homecoming Dance!

Assemble the Homecoming Committee 

Contact any current Homecoming committee members and ask if they can meet for coffee or ice cream. New members might join once the school year begins, but you can still meet with existing members to discuss plans. If all members are away on summer vacation, start a Facebook group or Google Doc to share ideas. Start brainstorming ideas for themes now, so you can select something that’s truly unique! 

Research Entertainment 

The best vendors tend to book up early, so it’s important to start this part of the planning process as soon as possible. Spend an hour or two compiling a list of possible vendors, like professional DJs and photo booth operators. Start by searching DJs in your area, like Washington D.C., Baltimore County, and Northern Virginia. Next, read through their reviews and take stock of their online presence. Share your findings with the rest of the Homecoming Committee so you can all agree on your choices together!

Determine the Specifics 

Once the school year begins, you can meet with the rest of the committee and your school’s principal to determine the specifics of the Homecoming Dance. Important considerations include the date, time, and venue. Once you know when and where the Homecoming Dance will take place, you can keep rolling with the rest of the planning process! Gather decorations, start fundraising, and advertise the dance to the entire school! 

Call Raptor Productions

Are you planning an event in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or beyond? Call Raptor Productions! Our team of professional DJ’s will work with you to ensure that your event is everything you pictured. We have years of experience with weddings, schools dances, and a variety of private parties. Are you ready to plan the party of a lifetime? Raptor Productions can help.

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