Are you looking to hire a DJ? Call Raptor Productions!

Are you looking to hire a DJ? Call Raptor Productions!

When it comes to planning a memorable event, the music is a huge part of the experience. The right DJ can have a huge positive impact on your party, dance, or wedding. However, it can be difficult to narrow down the qualities to look for when picking the right DJ for your event. Here are some things to consider in your search for a professional DJ.

Music Selection

How much you enjoy a DJ has a lot to do with the music selection. You should look into the kind of music your potential DJs play to make sure they will be a good choice for your event. Many professional DJs will provide a setlist of the music they regularly play or even give you suggestions based on your event planning needs.

It’s important to communicate about your event needs and taste in order to make sure you find the right fit. This could even mean something as simple as song requests–some DJs will leave it up to the host, while others don’t take audience requests.


Depending on your event venue, your DJ may need certain types of equipment in order to meet requirements for sound levels, licensing, and more. The DJ may also encounter issues on the day of your event and should have backup equipment and insurance. Preparedness and adaptability are important things to consider in a professional DJ.

Crowd Work

For some events, you may look for a DJ who simply takes requests and runs through a setlist. But for larger events and crowds, such as at a wedding, you will probably need a DJ who will emcee through the evening. A professional wedding DJ should have plenty of experience with crowd activities and directing the attention of a room.


A DJ’s background is just as important as their equipment or crowd work. It’s important to look for a list of references and previous experience when seeking a professional DJ. A DJ with references and experience may be the best choice for your event.

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