Discover what it takes to be a superior wedding DJ.

Discover what it takes to be a superior wedding DJ.

You bought the dress, secured the venue, and ordered the cake, but have you taken music into consideration? Great wedding music is crucial, but not all DJ’s are created equal. Discover the must-have qualities of an exceptional wedding DJ.

Listening Skills

There is no cookie-cutter approach to being a wedding DJ. Every wedding is different, and the bride or groom needs to work with a DJ that can understand their specific needs. A great wedding DJ puts your needs first, and does their best to accommodate every request.

The Ability to Read a Crowd

DJ’s don’t simply click through a playlist. A great DJ orchestrates a list of songs tailored to the event. If the crowd isn’t responding to the music initially, an experienced DJ knows how to encourage dancing and fun!

They Plan Ahead

An exceptional wedding DJ knows to contact the venue in order to secure the logistics of the event. They need to know the best place for their turntable, lighting, and speakers before arriving to the location. The best DJ’s go a step further and arrive to the venue several hours before the wedding to unload equipment and test the sound system.

Wedding DJ’s are often responsible for announcing the married couple and the wedding party at the beginning of the reception. Great DJ’s ask for the names ahead of time so that they don’t mispronounce anyone’s name!

Work Well With Others

It takes an entire team of people to throw a successful wedding. Between the wedding planner, venue coordinator, and photographer, there are going to be plenty of people making demands and requests. A great wedding DJ works well with others, and can make slight adjustments to accommodate other members of the wedding planning committee.

Professional and Presentable

A wedding is a formal affair, and the DJ should dress the part. That means they should be well-dressed and well-rested. The best wedding DJ isn’t just presentable, but they behave professionally throughout the entirety of the event.

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