Are you looking for thick billowing columns of white smoke to create an unmatched special effect? Want to spice up your party, theater production, or music show?

A CO2 Jet may be exactly the special effect that you need.

What are CO2 Jets?

CO2 Jets are also known as smoke machines or fog machines. These special effect machines are incredibly popular in the entertainment industry.

They impress audiences by producing a jet of fog or haze, using liquid carbon dioxide.

This smoke effect will disappear without leaving a residue behind. Since there’s no residue left behind, it makes CO2 Jets a popular special effect in clubs and music festivals.

You can wow your patrons and visitors without making them feel uncomfortable or sticky. CO2 Jets are also pretty versatile special effect devices with many different uses.

What Can You Do with a CO2 Jet?

Today, there are plenty of different companies that use CO2 Jets for various reasons. However, we do find that the most typical uses are:

Nightclubs, Bars, and Bands

CO2 Jets are right at home in a nightclub or a bar. Savvy DJs will use them to create a thrill during the drop of a popular hit song.

Besides adding some fantastic special effects to your show and dance party, the instant blast of cooling fog is really welcome when the temperature in the club gets too hot!

Almost every band also has several CO2 Jets that accompany them on tour. Since CO2 Jets are quick and easy to install, bands use these special effects to add dramatic flair to their music shows.

Production and Theater

Production companies and theater groups also love using CO2 Jets. It increases the variety of special effects that they can incorporate into their productions.

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood movie and seen some thick, rolling fog, then you can bet that it was made using a CO2 Jet.

These handy special effect machines are great for recreating steam, fog, or smoke without harming the actors and audience.

They’re also typically quite affordable and will fit in almost any special effects budget.

Schools and Sports Teams

Since CO2 Jets are affordable, they’re pretty popular with schools, colleges, and sports teams.

These machines also don’t require highly skilled technicians to operate so anyone can easily incorporate them in their events or productions.

Today, plenty of football teams run onto the field through a streaming jet of fake smoke. This smoke adds drama and excitement to their on-field entrances.


Recently, smoke machines and CO2 Jets have made their way to one of the most celebrated events in people’s lives: weddings!

Some forward-thinking couples and bridal parties use a CO2 Jet to add flair and fun to this happy occasion.

It’s a great way to introduce the wedding couple to the dance floor and make their first dance as a married couple a fun and memorable one. Not to mention, it makes the photos look absolutely magical so you can cherish them forever!

Unlimited Creativity, Endless Fun

Even if you don’t fall in any of the categories listed here, you could still have loads of fun with a CO2 Jet.

If you want to do a product launch, open your new store with a flair, or add some wow to your wedding dance, this is the perfect special effects product for you.

Take it to the next level with dramatic lighting

A CO2 Jet is a pretty impressive special effects machine, yet, it truly becomes something awe-inspiring when you add lighting.

A couple of things you can do are:

  • Strobe lights shining into the growing cloud of fog will look like lightning in a distant thunderstorm.
  • Shine some laser lights through to create eerie, out-of-this-world effects.
  • Use lights to color the fog to suit your event and its theme.

Elevate Your Event With CO2 Jets

There you have it. We lifted the fog over the much-loved and popular CO2 Jet. They are fun, affordable special effects machines that can take any occasion and make it look like a Steven Spielberg production.

If you want to take your next event to the next level, then the next step is to hire a CO2 jet and go wild!