Looking for something to add that wow factor to your special day? Cold sparks could be just the thing for you!

Whether you want to make a spectacular entrance, a bold exit, or add some flair to your first dance, cold sparks are perfect for bringing an exciting, magical feel to any situation.

What Is A Cold Spark?

Cold sparks for weddings are becoming very popular. But, you may be wondering what they are exactly. The words cold and spark don’t really go together, do they?

Well, cold sparks use a different type of science than a typical fireworks display. However, they produce an effect just as beautiful and striking to light up your wedding day and make it truly special.

They’ve now replaced traditional pyrotechnics as they are much safer. What’s more, you can use them indoors!

Cold spark machines are easy to use machines that make luminous sparks by heating titanium and zirconium powder granules then swiftly cooling them to a safe temperature.

The sparks maintain their light even when cold, resulting in a non-flammable and safe fireworks-type effect.

How Do Cold Sparks For Weddings Work?

Traditional fireworks and pyrotechnics rely on burning gunpowder and high temperatures to work, making them very dangerous! They cause fire dangers and release carcinogenic particles into the air, severely limiting the places where you can use them.

As a result, to ensure the audience’s safety, they’ve been limited to outdoor locations and big arenas.

Cold sparks, on the other hand, do not use any flammable substances to produce a glittering, firework-like display.

Instead, they warm up microscopic grains made of a zirconium-titanium alloy. It’s perfectly safe and doesn’t produce any toxic fumes or smells!  This makes them the perfect choice for putting on a grand display at your wedding.

There is zero risk of anything catching alight so you enjoy the magical, sparkling display without any worry!

How To Operate Cold Sparks

Cold sparklers come with a fitted controller. It allows the operator to modify numbers on the controller to regulate both the volume and the height of the sparks to up to 16 feet in the air!

This is better than traditional pyrotechnics, which need each effect to be a single-shot pyrotechnic device.

So, with cold sparks for weddings, magnificent shows are simple to create.

You may design a variety of tricks, such as bumps,  chases, and other amazing effects, to start exactly when you want them to. The only disadvantage is the noise generated by the machines, which is to be expected. However, it’s much quieter than traditional fireworks!

Safe For Both Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

Cold spark machines are perfectly safe for use. No matter whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, you can put on a magical display for you and your guests to enjoy!

Cold Spark technology generates completely safe and non-flammable sparks. They produce cold sparks with a temperature colder than the human body at approximately 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of this, they’re safe to hold against your skin or a piece of paper without any risk of burning.

Cold sparks also emit around 80% less smoke than regular pyrotechnic displays and leave virtually no odor or smoke behind.

They’re simple to manage and program so they are perfect for on-demand changes to the size, height, and timing of stunning effects.

They’re one of the safest and most spectacular special effects in the business, and can completely transform your event into something truly magical.

Add Some Sparkle To Your Special Day With Cold Sparks

Cold sparks can add a bit of glitz and glamour to your big day! There are many methods to use these machines during your wedding. It all depends on which part of your special day you want to shine.

Perhaps you want to light up the dancefloor and make sparks fly during your first dance with your partner. Maybe you want to make a bold exit and walk through a glittering display to your getaway car as you head off on your honeymoon. They are also the perfect thing to make your wedding photos truly special.

Cold sparks create a beautiful, romantic effect that will make you day one to remember forever.