Dancing on the Clouds

The lights dim, the music starts, and the DJ introduces the married couple to a reception filled with applauding guests. It’s the first dance, and the first opportunity for newlyweds to showcase their union amongst a room of family and friends. Make the moment truly unique, and consider incorporating an effect known as “Dancing on the Clouds” into your first dance.

A Memorable Effect

“Dancing on the Clouds” involves the operation of a dry ice fog machine, covering the dance floor in a dreamy layer of dry ice fog. The fog is low-lying and remains about knee high to give the appearance that you and your new spouse are dancing upon the clouds. The professionals at Raptor Productions can also coordinate spotlighting and monogram projections to create a spectacular luminescence surrounding the newlyweds.




Lasting First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and many modern married couples are spending more time orchestrating the first dance. Whether you choose to perform a choreographed dance with your bridal party or prefer a traditional waltz with you and your new spouse, Raptor Productions can help to elevate the moment with “Dancing on the Clouds.” Dazzle your wedding guests by incorporating them into your first dance. The low-lying fog spreads throughout the reception hall, inviting all of your family and friends on a heavenly journey into the sky!

The Perfect Photograph

Your wedding pictures should be perfect, and the first dance provides the best opportunity for a sincere, candid shot. Shortly after the song is over, guests will crowd the dance floor, and photo opportunities will be more difficult. By incorporating “Dancing on the Clouds” into your first dance, you can ensure that your wedding photographs will be unforgettable. Wedding photographs are memories that you and your spouse will share for years to come. The dance will last for only a few moments, but a beautiful photograph will last a lifetime.

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