Discover how to choose the right music for your wedding ceremony!

Discover how to choose the right music for your wedding ceremony!

Your wedding is going to be a magical day, but before you get there, you have a lot of decisions to make. In the midst of tasting cakes and finding a venue, you also have to think about the music. This doesn’t just mean choosing between a DJ or a band for the reception. You also have to choose music for the ceremony, namely two to three processional songs (the groom could have his own if you want) and one recessional song. Here are some tips to get this decision rolling.

Check With The Venue

If your ceremony is in a religious venue, check with them before you set your heart on any music. Many churches have rules about the type of music that can be used in their ceremonies. You may have to pick from a list of religious songs that the organist will play. Some houses of worship are less strict about this and may allow any instrumental music, so ask first.

Sentimental Songs

This doesn’t have to mean a sappy song; in fact, any song that has sentimental meaning could fit the bill. Perhaps there is a pop song that always makes you think of each other or that you danced to on your first date. Another option is the score to your favorite movie or an instrumental version of the theme song. If it has meaning to you both, it should be under consideration.

Upbeat On The Way Out

Choose a recessional song that is lively and upbeat. Your wedding DJ will likely have a lot of great suggestions. This is the last song of the ceremony before you head to the party, it’s time to have fun! If there is a song that makes you both want to dance with joy, that’s the one! An experienced DJ knows how to read the crowd and get the party started, and the party starts with the recessional song!

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