Trust Raptor Productions to handle your event professionally.

Trust Raptor Productions to handle your event professionally.

For every professional DJ, three amateur DJs are offering lower prices and attractive deals. Choosing the cheaper option might allow you to save a few pennies up front, but it may cost you down the road. So while you are considering whether to go with a professional DJ or an amateur DJ, consider the following differences between the two.


If you choose to go down the path of hiring a professional DJ, you know you are getting just that: a professional. DJing is their livelihood, and they are depending on your positive review and the networking opportunities at your event. This means that your professional DJ will be on their best behavior and will be professional and polite throughout the event. An amateur DJ is an unknown, and you cannot guarantee how they will behave themselves at your event. Unlike a professional DJ, you run the risk of an amateur DJ bringing an impolite attitude that can potentially bring down your special event.


A major difference between a professional DJ and an amateur DJ is the difference in how reliable the professional is when compared to the amateur. When the day of your event finally arrives, you run the risk of an amateur DJ canceling on you last minute. A professional DJ will never do this to you. You will most likely be in contact with your professional DJ several times before the day of your event arrives, so you will know for a fact that your professional DJ is reliable and will in fact show for the event they were hired for.


You might also want to take into consideration the difference in equipment that a professional DJ has when compared to an amateur one. Quality equipment for a DJ is expensive. An amateur is unlikely able to afford the type of equipment they need to do a serviceable job, and might even ask you to provide them with what they need. A professional DJ, however, has everything they need. A microphone, speakers, lighting equipment, and any other important piece of equipment a DJ can think of. They will also know exactly how to address any technical issues that may be encountered with their equipment, whereas an amateur is may not.

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