A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Song

Many couples will form strong emotional ties to their wedding song.

As you plan your wedding there’s one very important thing you do not want to forget–your first dance song. Your first dance is likely to become an important memory for years to come. Many couples will form strong emotional ties to the song they choose, which is why you’ll want to make sure to put some thought into it. As you’re scrolling through your playlists and memories to find the best fit, we suggest considering your style as a way to narrow your options. When you’ve come to your conclusion, make sure to let your DJ or band know what your first dance will be in advance. You won’t want the most important song of the night ruined by a DJ not knowing what to play!

Good Ol’ Fashioned Romance

For those who consider the First Dance as sacred, and who want to impress with their classic, good taste, finding an older love song may be the best fit. Jazz greats such as Frank Sinatra, Etta James, and Nat King Cole all have countless titles that can be the perfect fit. Not only are these all safe options, but they’re tunes that have stood the test of time.

Unique and Personal

If you and your partner don’t like to be part of the crowd, if your music preferences never hit the top forty, you may want to turn to a more unexpected tune. There are plenty of amazing options for indie love songs, but remember that if you can’t dance to it, there might be some confusion when it’s time to hit the dance floor. You may want to consider bands like Modest Mouse, The Avett Brothers, Iron & Wine or City and Colour for your first dance.

Insufferable Love Birds

There’s nothing more beautiful than the first dance of a couple that is absolutely enraptured with each other. For you, a song that expresses your devotion and admiration is the way to go. For you, the lyrics and melody are both important, meaning you can look to both modern hits and old standards. If you’re looking for modern, try Adele, or Mary Lambert, for older tunes, you’ll want to consider Peter Gabriel or Marvin Gaye.  

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