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If you’re planning a wedding in Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or beyond, it’s time to start thinking about the lighting. Lighting often goes overlooked during the planning stages of wedding preparations, but it’s just as important as the cake or music. Discover how you can choose the best lighting for your upcoming wedding!

The Importance of Great Lighting

Lighting is essential for any wedding reception, regardless of the venue. Not only is illumination important for the safety of your guests, but great lighting can add ambiance to the space as well. A wedding should be a happy, romantic day, and you don’t want to spoil it with harsh, flickering overhead lighting. The depth and warmth that custom lighting adds to a venue can also make for better photographs!


If you’re looking to create a romantic ambiance at your wedding reception, uplighting is a great place to start. Enhance your wedding with shades of purple, blue, pink, or more! With custom uplighting, you can transform a bland room into a one-of-a-kind venue.

Spot Lighting

Spot lighting is the perfect way to highlight every aspect of your big day. Use spot lighting to accentuate the dessert table, the band, or the maid of honor during her big speech! Spot lighting is particularly useful during the first dance. Not only does spot lighting allow for the photographer to capture a great picture, but it makes the first dance so much more special.

Gobo/Monogram Projections

With gobo/monogram projections, you can add sparkle to the room with your name or initials! Imagine sharing your first dance with your new spouse as both of your names shimmer on the dance floor.

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