Planning to have a wedding this upcoming fall? Book a professional DJ today!

Planning to have a wedding this upcoming fall? Book a professional DJ today!

Autumn has overtaken summer as the busiest wedding season, especially September and October. The beauty of fall foliage and delicious seasonal foods made this a season that people fell in love with. But before you plan a fall wedding, here are some tips and tricks to consider.

Look to the Season

There’s more to fall than corn stalks and pumpkins! Work the bounty of the season into your menu with the help of your caterer, the décor, and maybe even the music. There are so many squashes to try and apple and pear make great dessert and drink flavor options in the fall. You can include rustic fall barnyard staples into your decor, but they might not fit at an elegant affair. Instead, let the colors of fall influence your color palette, with burnt orange and deep red playing a big part. Let the season influence your timeline as well. If you’re having your event in the middle of a stunning valley in full fall color, move the cocktail hour to the balcony before the sun sets, so people can enjoy the sights.

Address Guest Comfort

Speaking of the guests, you have to keep their comfort in mind as you plan. Fall doesn’t mandate that your event be inside, but the weather can be tricky. If part or all of your wedding is outside, plan to have tents and heaters on standby in case it turns rainy and cold. Even if it’s not raining the day of your event, the ground could be saturated with water from previous storms. Consider renting a dance floor so the guests have clean and dry dancing, walking, and congregating areas.

Book Vendors Now

Remember that you’re not the first or only person who has fallen in love with the idea of a fall wedding. Some vendors book up much earlier than you’d expect, especially in popular, scenic areas. And this doesn’t apply just to your caterer or Wedding DJ, though those are important vendors to nail down early. Call Raptor Productions today to ensure you have great music for your fall wedding! 

Discover What A Professional DJ Can Do For Your Fall Wedding

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