Encourage your wedding guests to dance with the following tips!

Encourage your wedding guests to dance with the following tips!

Sometimes wedding guests require a little encouragement to get up and dance during the reception. Discover how you can encourage your guests to boogie with the following tips! 

Hire a Great DJ

This seems like a no-brainer, but your dance floor will be more popular if you have an actual person playing the music and answering questions rather than an iPod and speakers. Choose one who is personable and knows how to motivate a room. When you’re out looking for the right DJ, ask if you can see them in action somewhere like a club or another event.

Playlist and Freedom

Well before the big day, you’re going to have time to talk to the DJ you’ve chosen about your likes and dislikes. Give them a playlist of songs you want to hear, but then give them the freedom to read the room and take requests. An experienced DJ will know how to get people onto the floor.

Make Your First Dance Song Personal

Put a lot of thought into your first dance and make the song really special to you. When your guests see you happily dancing to a song you love, they will get more excited about dancing also. If it instead looks like you’re just going through the motions of the dance, others may steer clear of the floor.

Remember Your Parents

Of course, this wedding is about you, but remember your parents and older family members in your playlist as well. If there is a certain genre or style of music they particularly like, they will be more likely to get up and dance when they hear it play. When all else fails, pull out the Michael Jackson.

Don’t Hate the Line Dances

Well, actually, it’s okay if you hate them, but remember that many, many people love them, and even people who haven’t set foot on the dance floor all night are likely to get up when they hear the Electric Slide come on. They may not be comfortable dancing on their own, but the structured craziness of a line dance makes it easier.

Offer Great Food and Drink

If you want to keep people on the floor even as it is getting late, arrange for catering to come around with small, easy to eat snacks and drinks. If people are starting to get hungry or thirsty at the end of the night, they may wander away from the dance floor and not come back.

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