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Wedding season is nearly here, and if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may have some additional factors to consider. Outdoor weddings are a beautiful way to enjoy the season, but they offer their fair share of variables including weather, bugs, and wardrobe changes. As you choose a location for your outdoor wedding, make sure that there is an indoor option in case of rain. Once the basics are set, it’s time to start thinking about the other aspects.

Consider Your Attire

Not every outfit is well suited for an outdoor wedding. Consider the type of venue and its amenities, if the bathrooms are likely to have a few spiderwebs, for instance, your guests may not want to be wearing formal clothes. Likewise, consider your own outfits. In the heat of summer, a full suit and gown may quickly become unbearable. Having separate reception outfits can help improve your comfort significantly. If you are walking on grass instead of pavers, wedges and flats will be a better option as heels will sink into grass and dirt making for treacherous walking.     

Keep Bugs Away

Having the venue bug-proofed a few days beforehand is a great way to make the event more comfortable. Along with initial spraying and countermeasures, adding citronella torches and candles will add to the ambiance while keeping pests away. You may also want to have bug spray or repellent wipes on hand for guests to use.   

Keep It Audible

Even in the event of a small wedding, outdoor situations can make it hard to hear; having mics set up for the event may be a great idea. Without walls to help contain sound, you may find that your acoustics are ill-suited. Having a sound system in place is an easy fix, especially if you’ll be using one for your DJ. A simple mic can be a quick solution, but for hands-free use, a lavalier mic makes for an intrusive alternative.   

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