Are you gearing up for prom this weekend?

Are you gearing up for prom this weekend?

Prom season is finally here, and high school juniors and seniors throughout Maryland are gearing up for the big event. You bought the dress, you picked up your tux, but have you considered all other aspects of the big night? Discover four last-minute tips for a successful prom!

Make a Checklist

The week before the dance, make a checklist of everything you need. Consider using online platforms like Pinterest to gather inspiration! Once you have your checklist complete, ensure that everything is checked off the day before prom. There is no need to add unnecessary stress to the day by procrastinating.  

Stick to What You Know

In efforts to look glamorous, many students will go to great extents to look their best on prom night. In regards to wearing makeup or styling your hair, stick to what you know. If you aren’t used to wearing false lashes, don’t wait until prom to start. You may end up spending more time adjusting your lashes than dancing with friends. Prom pictures might be important, but it’s more important for you to feel comfortable and have a great time.

Plan for Rain

The weather is unpredictable, and you never know when a thunderstorm is going to strike. Plan for outdoor pictures, but make a plan B for poor weather. Ask your parents if you can move furniture to accommodate your friends and their dates, or consider taking your pictures at the restaurant before the dance.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

It’s important to hydrate during the day because prom is a dance after all! You can’t cut a rug if you haven’t had enough food or water to sustain you throughout the night. Have a bottle of water with you throughout the day and take sips while you do your makeup or blow-dry your hair. Once you see your friends and hear great music, all of the stress of the day will melt away, and you can finally enjoy yourself on the dance floor!

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