4 Tips for Your Wedding First Dance

Here are some tips to make your wedding first dance truly memorable!

The idea of your first dance as a newlywed couple can be nerve-wracking. In reality, the first dance will be a joyful memory for you and your spouse to cherish for years to come. Several details and preparations come together to make that first dance happen, from planning with your wedding DJ to striking the picture-perfect pose at the end of the dance. 

By following these four tips, you can have a beautiful first dance to kick off your wedding reception party.

Choose Your Song to Suit You

Picking wedding music for your big day is already an essential task for you and your wedding DJ to plan together. Ultimately, it’s your choice for the perfect song for you and your newlywed. Pick a song that speaks to your personality as a couple, not something just because it’s popular or traditional.

Still, consult and coordinate with your wedding DJ on how to lead into the first dance. Often, the DJ will be the first to present the newlywed couple to the room before the first dance. Make sure the wedding DJ’s delivery of this momentous announcement syncs with your song choice.

Take Lessons and Practice

Taking lessons is a great way to guarantee you have some solid moves to use during your first dance. Lessons take the pressure out of looking graceful on the dance floor and the awkwardness out of just swaying with your partner for 3 minutes. Make sure you have the routine down by practicing in your wedding shoes, or even dress and suit.

Think of the Details to Your Wedding

Your wedding DJ may offer lighting or visual effect services that can elevate your first dance experience. You also probably have a wedding photographer at your service, so make sure to plan a few photogenic poses for them to capture the moment for you.

Smile and Have Fun

Most important of all, remember to smile and enjoy the dance with your love. Guests will notice most the look of loving bliss on your face, not the movement and motions of your dance routine. If you do make a slight misstep, laugh it off and hold your newlywed closer. By setting up this happy and fun mood with your first dance, it will naturally lead to the rest of your wedding reception to get your guests dancing too!

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