Make your first dance unforgettable with Raptor Productions!

Make your first dance unforgettable with Raptor Productions!

There are a variety of cultural and historical wedding traditions, from cutting the cake to smashing plates! One tradition that seems to apply to almost every wedding is the first dance. The first dance is an opportunity for newlyweds to showcase their skills, but it’s also a chance for the couple to express their unique relationship. Discover how you can elevate your first dance with Raptor Productions!

Dance in the Heavens

Visual effects add drama and romance to any wedding. “Dancing on the Clouds” involves the operation of a dry ice fog machine that covers the dance floor in a layer of low-lying fog. Since the fog remains below the knee, it creates the illusion of dreamy, fluffy clouds! Imagine twirling your new spouse throughout a dance floor floating on the clouds! Not only will this effect impress your guests, but it will make for the perfect photograph!

All Eyes on You

As the married couple, you certainly won’t need any help being the center of attention. However, lighting can add emphasis to key moments of the reception, such as the first dance! With a spotlight, the rest of the room can fade away, and you can focus on your first dance as newlyweds. Consider emphasizing other aspects of your reception with a spotlight, like the dessert table or guest book!

Beauty is in the Details

When it comes to planning a wedding, the beauty is in the details. Guests notice everything, from the table centerpieces to the groom’s socks! Consider adding gobo/monogram projections to your first dance! The latest in lighting technology, gobo/monogram projections allow the newlyweds to project their names, initials, or other personalization upon the floor, ceiling, or walls! With Raptor Productions, you can tailor the gobo/monogram projections to meet your needs!

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