Congrats on your engagement! Celebrate with Raptor Productions!

Congrats on your engagement! Celebrate with Raptor Productions.

Between getting engaged and the big day there are numerous events that you may decide to incorporate into your wedding experience. The first of these is the engagement party. The engagement party is simply a party meant to celebrate the engagement, rather than an occasion of gift giving or ceremony. Here are 5 tips to help you start planning it.

The Host

Traditionally the parents of the bride host the engagement party, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can host your own, or anyone who wants to can host it for you. You’re also not limited to just one party, if multiple people want to host or if your prospective guests are spread out across different cities. Since this isn’t usually a gift-giving occasion, it’s not a faux pas to have multiple parties.

The Date

Don’t plan a big bash right away. It is important to give yourselves time to enjoy being engaged. It is also important to have at least a general sense of what you want to do with the wedding before planning the engagement party. Remember that everyone who gets an invite to this will also get one to the wedding. Don’t go overboard now, if you may end up with a small, intimate wedding later.

The Style

Style here means all of the fun stuff of planning: the venue, the decor, the food, and your outfits. The venue, food, and decor should all match informality, and they should not upstage your actual wedding. Choose something that compliments your wedding day plans. Once you decide on the appropriate venue, plan decor that matches your interests and style. If you’re considering DIYing some elements of your wedding, this is a great time to practice. Alternatively, if you have a budget, this might be a good time to try out vendors, like DJs or florists. There should definitely be food but it doesn’t have to be a multi-course meal: buffets, a tasting menu, or even just drinks and dessert are all acceptable alternatives. Finally, this is all part of your special day, so you should both stand out from the crowd. Choose outfits that fit the style of the party, but once again, don’t upstage your own wedding plans.

The Day Of

While it’s not unheard of to hire professionals for really large engagement parties, it isn’t mandatory. You should at least consider enlisting some friends to help you on the day of, so you can mingle and enjoy yourself. Decide who would be a good fit for different tasks (setting up, taking pictures, monitoring the food levels, manning the bar) and ask for their help ahead of time.

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