Are you looking for a DJ in Washington, D.C.? Call Raptor Productions!
Are you looking for a DJ in Washington, D.C.? Call Raptor Productions!

If you’re planning a wedding, you already know that there are roughly a million decisions you have to make. A lot of these considerations center on finding the right professional or vendor to help make the big day run smoothly. The music is no exception. It is very important that you find a wedding DJ who is not just a great DJ but the right DJ for your Washington, D.C. wedding. Here are four tips to help you do just that.


The best way to find a good vendor is to ask friends and families for recommendations. Once you do, you’ll probably find that you have a sizable list to start researching. Check out their websites and check their reviews on wedding boards.

Start a Conversation

Once you find some candidates you like, reach out to them to begin discussing your wedding. By this point you should have the major decisions – date, venue, theme – hammered out. If they’re not available on your date, it’s time to move on down the list. It’s also a good idea at this point to let them know about the venue in case there are special noise or equipment rules or they have any concerns about the size. Pay attention to how the DJ reacts to your questions. If they seem bothered by you asking or if they’re not responsive or communicative, it’s best to look elsewhere. When you do find one you like, schedule an in-person meeting.

See Them In Action

Once you have a candidate you like, try to see them live at an event if at all possible. If you can’t do that, request video of them at past events to get a sense for their style. If you don’t want your DJ to also MC, then it won’t matter if they’re quiet. If you’re looking for an MC also, however, you need to see them in action – see if they’re funny, upbeat, charismatic enough for your style and theme –  to know if they’re the right DJ for your wedding.

Get It In Writing

Once you’ve found the one (wedding DJ, that is), make sure you get a contract that details all of the things you’ve discussed. If the DJ won’t provide a contract, find someone else. A contract is there to protect both parties and a professional will insist on it. Once you have the contract, actually read it before you sign it.

Discover What A Professional DJ Can Do For Your Wedding

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