How DJs Balance Fast and Slow Songs at Proms

How do DJs know when to play a slow song while keeping the overall energy upbeat and lively at prom? Here are some tips.

Hiring a professional DJ for your school dance event guarantees everyone will be having a blast on the dance floor. They know when to change the music and play songs that should appeal to most students. Curating the playlist comes with experience and preparation, as well as taking the atmosphere and crowd into account at the actual event. Your DJ has a couple of cues to consider when balancing the frequency of fast songs and the occasional slow song.

Crowd-Pleasing Picks

Those attending proms, and most school dances, will either be couples or singles. The songs DJs pick at proms incorporate a good amount of fast tempo, popular songs to get everybody on the dance floor and having a great time. While single dance attendees don’t want to be singled out, couples and dates want to take a moment for themselves too. Depending on the crowd, the DJ can play a slow song that typically is geared towards couples at the dance. A vast majority of the playlist will still be upbeat school dance appropriate songs, including a mix of genres, along with some old and new hits.

Taking and Making Short Breaks

Slower songs are a subtle way to keep the music playing while giving the liveliest dance-goers a chance to catch their breath or grab a drink. Using slow songs and different light effects also can break up the event with unique moments. With Raptor Productions, a lighting director coordinates lights to fade, dim, and move with the tracks as students dance. Bright and colorful lights add to the dance floor experience, so switching to dimmer lights during slow songs is a fitting way to create a more private, memorable moment during a couple’s dance.

Flow In and Out of Songs

When playing sets of songs, the DJ plays songs with similar genres or tempo in succession. Therefore, when transitioning into the next song, the change isn’t so drastic as to drive people off the dance floor. Raptor DJs mix songs to smoothly transition between different song tempos. The transition from all the high-energy upbeat songs to a slowed down melody won’t be as jarring. This way, the energy can rev back up after the occasional slower song, keeping the party going and students dancing longer.

How to End the Night

Experienced Raptor DJs know the best way to close out a school dance is by keeping the energy high and the mood fun! Keeping students at the prom the whole night means everyone is safe and accounted for. What better way to show the night was a huge success than to have dance-goers wanting to stay for every last second?

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