Why a Wedding DJ is Better Than a Wedding Band

It’s the age-old wedding question: DJ or band? See why Raptor Productions is the answer.

No two weddings are the same; it’s your special day, after all. Color schemes, catering and cake, bridesmaid dresses, and table settings — all those painstakingly planned details add up to the big day. When it comes time to have that memorable first dance, you can count on a wedding DJ to play you and your newlywed’s special song, no matter what it is.

One of the less stressful parts of wedding planning should be picking the music. By hiring a wedding DJ, they can take a lot of the work out of making the playlist, letting you and your wedding guests party on the dance floor longer! Here are our reasons for hiring a wedding DJ at your next Washington, D.C. wedding event.


A wedding DJ hands-down has more songs on hand to play. Music of different genres and tempos, from current to classics, are ready at an instant to keep the vibe of your wedding in control and keep guests grooving. There’s a song for everyone to enjoy, and of course a “do not play” list to keep your wedding just the way you want.


Generally, a live band will cost hundreds and even thousands more than a wedding DJ. Booking a DJ could be dependent on equipment or availability, whereas booking a whole group will be more expensive just because there are more people to pay. Saving on the entertainment budget with a DJ does not mean you are sacrificing quality!


A professional DJ with proper experience creating fun events can help make your wedding the best it can be. A wedding DJ assess the room and makes appropriate changes to the music to keep the good times going. Certain DJs, like those at Raptor Productions in the Washington, D.C. area, can offer additional services like lighting and monogram projections to add extra special touches to your wedding.

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