Discover how to keep your wedding floor packed!

Discover how to keep your dance floor packed!

Maintaining a packed dance floor at a wedding isn’t always a simple task, but thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of tips for your big event. Discover how to keep the groove going all evening long!

Creating the Right Layout

As you are placing much emphasis on the seating chart, place the same importance on the layout of the party. You’ll want to make sure you plan a dance floor that is not too big to make it seem like no one is on the floor, but still not too small so that not enough people can fit on the dance floor. If there are multiple younger people attending the party, chances are they want to have a good time and the DJ is going to play songs to have them on the dance floor all night.

Easy Location to Bar

Let’s face it, it’s been known that an open bar keeps guest and the bride and groom happy, so just as you are planning the layout of the dance floor, place extra emphasis on putting a bar close to the floor. You’ll want to make sure that it’s not close enough that a line forms and interrupts the designated dance space, but it accessible to wear guest can grab a drink and get out on the dance floor without missing their favorite song.

Connecting with Dance Floor Audience

When deciding on a DJ, remember that this DJ will be your lifeline to keeping this party alive. It is important that you get a DJ who knows not only how to put together a good playlist, but also is very interactive with the guest and keeps you in good vibes all night. Getting the DJ to allow people to help him play music or offering to play song suggestions from the crowd shows that they care about you and your guests. 

Provide Comfortable Shoes

Most attendees go back to their seats because they are tired or their feet hurt. Bringing a spare pair of shoes can be bulky for a classy clutch and sometimes don’t match well with an outfit. To make sure uncomfortable shoes are never a problem, opt to hand out comfortable flat shoes to your guest to enjoy the night while safely guarding their feet. This will be a great option for the bridal party who want to celebrate with the bride and groom but do it comfortably.

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