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The end of the school year is swiftly approaching in Baltimore County, Washington DC, and beyond. Prom is the last big party of the year for high school seniors, so it’s important that everything goes as planned. Read on to discover four last-minute planning tips for a fun, memorable prom!

Expect the Unexpected

The truth is, there are several aspects of prom that you might not go as planned. A rainy day might ruin your dream of outdoor photographs. A last-minute restaurant cancellation might throw off your dinner plans. Life happens, but you can ensure that it doesn’t ruin your prom night! Plan for rain, and establish an indoor area perfect for prom pictures. Make an alternative dinner plan, and consider all other aspects of the evening that may not go as expected.

Check it Off

If you want to be prepared for prom, create a checklist with all of the necessities. Check each item off as you acquire them, and ensure that you have everything in order the week before prom. Important items include tickets, attire, accessories, a corsage, and flowers. If you made dinner reservations, call the restaurant ahead of time to confirm your date and time. 

Take a Chance

Is there a particular hairstyle you’ve wanted to try? Have you considered swapping the standard tie for a bolo tie? This is the last party of the school year, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on a new style. Try it out at least a week before prom, so you feel confident about your style!

Dress Comfortably

Of course, you want to look your best, but keep in mind that you’ll be singing, dancing, and moving for the majority of the evening. A professional prom DJ like DJ Raptor knows how to keep the dance floor alive! If you wear high heels to prom, consider packing a discreet pair of flats or sandals in your bag. 

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