Having an outdoor wedding reception is a great way to make use of outdoor scenery. Maybe that’s a place by the beach or at a waterfront near the lake, the view is definitely going to sell itself. To make sure the outdoor reception is a hit, there have to be some things checked off the list. 

The Right Wedding Venue 

Everyone has a preference of where they want to get married.  When it comes to the outdoor wedding reception, nature gets intertwined with the theme of the wedding. It has to fit your taste while still incorporating everything you need. That includes the guests, dance floor with the DJ, food, and more. 

Wedding Weather

It’s always a debate about if it’s worth doing an outdoor wedding because you run the risk of different weather changes. To avoid this mishap, include a tent into the budget. A tent will cover the most used areas of the reception like the dance floor while still having the ability to extend the space into nature. 

DJ Placement 

When the wedding venue is booked and secured, it’s important to discuss logistics with the DJ about the space. The DJ should be informed about how the space is set up and where everything needs to go. There could be a chance the DJ has to bring extra equipment so communication is key here. 

The Venue Sets the Music Vibe

As you’re admiring your wedding venue, there are surely music vibes that come to mind. Do you want to be jumping up and down the whole time or do you want something more laid back? These are the sorts of questions you can ask yourself in order to express your vision to the DJ. 

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