Plan These With Your Wedding Disc Jockey!

Plan these points of the ceremony and reception with your wedding disc jockey. Our list makes it a piece of (wedding) cake!

We get that wedding planning is all-consuming, and there are so many details to get in order for your big day! Just to help cover all the bases, we’ve compiled some items you must remember to discuss with your wedding disc jockey in preparation for your nuptials. A trusted Raptor Productions wedding DJ will do all they can to bring your wedding day celebrations to life. However, your satisfaction with wedding disc jockey often comes down to communicating certain song selections, timing instructions, and getting other elements right.

Special Song Selections

The special and important songs to pick out include songs for the ceremony, the first dance, bridal party introductions, cake cutting, the last one of the night, and other similar major wedding time points. The wedding disc jockey will likely ask you for all of these and more. Further, remember to give instructions on how long each song should last or fade into the next.

Interlude Instructions

While you may be off changing outfits or getting pictures taken, you must remember to keep the guests entertained. Will there be a cocktail hour or extra time in between the ceremony and reception? Or perhaps you want some tunes playing in the background during dinner? Discuss what types of songs or moods to create for your guests during these intermission times.

Personal Pointers

Don’t skimp on any details; the wedding disc jockey tries to understand you and your partner’s personality and style to make sure everything goes smoothly. That means no detail is too trivial. Tell the DJ how to pronounce any names, or have it written down phonetically. Some DJs will MC to keep the party lively or bring attention to the newlyweds. If this isn’t your style, speak up and let them know what you are and aren’t comfortable with.

Handling Song Requests

So you and the DJ curated your list of must-play and, equally important, do-not-play songs. What about song requests from your guests? Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether to keep control of your playlist or let guests have their bit of fun too. Whatever your decision, be sure to let the DJ also know so they can handle any song solicitations accordingly.

Adjusting Language and Volume

While the wedding DJ is willing to make any changes and adjustments during the special event to fit your wishes, fill them in on as many details as possible beforehand so they can get things right the first time. Tell your DJ if you have any concerns about inappropriate song lyrics or too loud — or too quiet — music playing at your celebration.

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