Are you planning your school's homecoming dance? Call Raptor Productions!

Are you planning your school’s homecoming dance? Call Raptor Productions!

Ah, summer is over, the school year has started, and fall is right around the corner. Farewell, fond summer memories, and hello homecoming. Homecoming is the biggest event of the new school year in most areas, so if you’re planning a homecoming dance, you know that the pressure is on. Here are five questions to ask your potential DJ candidates. 

Do You Offer Contracts?

A contract is very important for both you and your DJ. It protects everyone by laying out exactly what was discussed and agreed upon. If a DJ doesn’t offer a contract, then there is no way to hold them to exactly what they promised. It becomes an issue of your memory vs. theirs. Make sure that whoever you book offers a detailed contract that includes all of the points that you discussed and agreed to together.

Are You Insured?

Every vendor that you work with should be insured, regardless of industry, and your DJ is no exception. Insurance protects you from liability and shows that your DJ cares about their clients, staff, and business.

What Experience Do You Have?

Ask your potential DJs how many years they’ve been in business, and particularly how much experience they have with school events. You want a DJ with a lot of experience regardless of the event, but school events are their own breed. There can be hundreds of kids at a school dance, especially one as popular as the homecoming dance. An inexperienced DJ could lose control of the room quickly.

What Type of Music Will You Play?

Speaking of possibly losing the crowd, don’t be afraid to ask about the setlist. It is important to know that your DJ is well versed in what is currently popular with a wide variety of students. School events offer a widely mixed crowd, and your DJ has to be ready to appeal to a variety of tastes. This is also a good time to find out if they are able and willing to take requests.

What Types of Equipment Do You Use?

This is a good question to gauge how up-to-date the DJ’s gear is and if they will offer a show. If you’re looking for additional services, you will need a DJ who has more than just a laptop and some speakers. Get a rundown of the equipment they bring with them. You could even ask if there’s a possibility of seeing them in action at another event. This would be a great way to gauge if they are right for you.

Discover What A Professional DJ Can Do For Your Next Event

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