Prom is quickly approaching!

Prom is quickly approaching!

Planning is everything when it comes to prom preparations. Between the DJ, food, venue, and more, it can be difficult to stay organized. Make sure you’re ready to pull off the perfect prom this spring by staying on top of the high priority checklist items during April and May. Keeping to the timeline is key for prom planning. Planning ahead in the months leading up to prom can help you avoid scrambling at the last minute or other prom-season stress. Here are some important prom preparations to stay on top of this April and May to ensure your prom season goes smoothly.


As prom approaches, April is the ideal time to get reservations in order. Make sure advertising for prom tickets is in full swing, and keep careful track of reservations in order to keep everything organized for seating plans and catering. Morning announcements and Facebook posts are great ways to get the word out about prom, while booths for selling tickets can be set up in the cafeteria, front lobby, or even school sporting events. April is also the time to finalize decorations and make sure all reservations are in order. Confirm with your DJ, venue, photographer, and any other staff you may have hired for the event.


The month leading up to prom is the time to get your seating charts and other detail-focused tasks in order. After your ticket deadline, be sure to carefully plan seating to make sure every prom-goer is accounted for. This is also a great time to sort out the night’s schedule, from the DJ’s hours to the after-prom party, to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

The Final Week Before Prom

The week leading up to prom is crunch time. This is the ideal time to finalize schedules, the seating chart, and chaperones’ responsibilities. Make sure all chaperones and event professionals are clear on the night’s schedule and ready to make your event memorable. Finally, the last few days before prom are the time to decorate. Transport any large decorations to the venue and make sure volunteer decorators are prepared to blow up balloons, hang streamers, and lay tablecloths. This is also a good time to find a clean-up crew who can help you take everything down after your event.

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