Get the party started with Raptor Productions!

Get the party started with Raptor Productions!

Your wedding will likely be the biggest day of your life and also the biggest event you’ve ever planned. Once you’re through the ceremony, however, it’s just a huge party with the most important people in your world, and parties are supposed to be fun. For most people, a fun party includes a packed dance floor. Here are four important tips for ensuring that your guests dance and have fun.

Book The Right DJ

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s a lot that goes into this decision. Finding the right DJ is a whole lot more than a collection of tracks and up-to-date equipment (though both of those are important). Your wedding DJ needs to have the ability to read the room and make changes on the fly and the charisma to speak to both individual guests and the whole room. It’s not just about price when you make this decision – watch a video of the potential DJ’s work, look for specific reviews about them, and meet in person so you can cover all the important details.

Allow For A Wide Range Of Music

You and your soon-to-be-spouse may only listen to 90’s alt-rock, but sticking to a single genre won’t pack the dance floor. The truth is that the music is not just for you, and when you tell your DJ only to play certain artists or genres, you do everyone a disservice. Give your DJ the freedom to play what he or she thinks will get people out on the dance floor.

Limit the Do-Not-Play List

When you give your DJ a lengthy do-not-play list, you’re tying his or her hands, much like you do when you limit the music choice to a specific genre. If a song will absolutely ruin your day, you can definitely put it on the list.

Trust The Professionals

The bottom line is that you’re hiring a professional and you should trust them to know what they’re doing. Trust the professionals at Raptor Productions to play the music that you and your guests want to hear. Only an experienced professional DJ company, like Raptor Productions, has the knowledge and skill to encourage everyone to dance.

Call Raptor Productions

Are you planning an event in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or beyond? Call Raptor Productions! Our team of professional disc jockeys will work with you to ensure that your event is everything you pictured. We have years of experience with weddings, schools dances, and a variety of private parties. Are you ready to plan the party of a lifetime? Raptor Productions can help.

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