Wedding uplighting can be the added decor piece to your wedding reception you didn’t know you needed. It creates a warm and aesthetically pleasing environment where everyone can come together and enjoy your wedding day. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts on wedding uplighting for your reception.  

Do Keep it Classy

Keeping it classy means standing out from other weddings while still being tasteful. Uplighting can really bring a room together and set the tone of the wedding night. It can also be the unique difference between your wedding and someone else’s. That’s what your wedding guests will remember.

Don’t Forget to Communicate Your Vision Properly 

Raptor Productions does uplighting as an additional service with their djing. When you decide to book with them, it’s important to properly communicate your vision. The uplighting color and positioning should be discussed when starting this process. 

Do Use LED Lights 

LED lights can be a good choice with uplighting. They don’t give off much heat for how brightly they shine so it’s a safer option. That way if guests get close to the lights, there won’t be any worry about someone’s safety. 

Don’t Choose the Wrong Colors

When you decide to go with uplighting, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Depending on what color scheme you have for your wedding, you should choose the right color tone. The wedding venue walls should also be considered because textures like wood don’t work with some colors but work great with shades of amber such as in a barn. 

Do Choose the Important Spaces to Light 

You want to uplight most of your space to reduce awkward gaps and create a seamless balance. We can place the uplights almost anywhere so it’s up to you what feels right. A general rule with uplighting is that one uplight ranges from 10-15 ft and with Raptor Productions, we use wireless lights so there won’t be any cord hazards.

Book with Raptor Productions to have your uplighting dreams come true!