The most memorable part of your wedding isn’t the food or the flowers, it’s actually the fun you had. That fun is where Raptor Productions comes in. If the wedding doesn’t have a good DJ, then the guests won’t have fun. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience for any weddings we do. So you may be wondering, what do DJs do in order to make your wedding night memorable. Here are some examples.

The DJ Sets the Mood of Your Wedding

They can help make it or break it for your wedding. They curate music, making sure the playlist is perfect and fits the vibe of the wedding. They also entertain the crowd and keep the energy up throughout the night. That’s why it’s crucial to directly express your visions to the DJ so the night runs smoothly and everyone stays happy. 

The Playlist Has to Be On-point

Choosing the music and what types are important because you want to cover all the bases of the decades. Depending on the ages of the guests, the playlists should be planned out accordingly. The crowd should know most of the songs within their age group. There should also be a variety of slow, fast, and upbeat songs. Certain times call for a slow dance and other times call for some fist-bumping. You want to attract everyone to the dance floor. 

The Lighting is Everything

Different types of lighting can help jazz up the dance floor. Raptor Productions has additional services like dancing on clouds, monogram projections, uplighting, and spotlighting. Uplighting makes the room feel bigger and the spotlight helps when the couple has their first dance. Monogram projections are a nice touch to have on the dance floor or wall because it symbolizes the couple’s new family name or a sweet quote they like. Dancing on clouds is the next best thing to dancing on actual clouds. Using dry ice fog machines, it creates a dreamy layered floor that everyone won’t forget. Add some lighting to it and it’s going to be perfect. 

With all of this being said, what DJs do to make your wedding night memorable is very important. As long as you and your wedding guests are having fun, that’s all that matters. If you’re interested in us, please give us a call at 443-536-5887.