Plan an unforgettable anniversary party with Raptor Productions!

Plan an unforgettable anniversary party with Raptor Productions!

An anniversary is a great way to celebrate one of the greatest days you’ve ever had, and also all the great years of love in your marriage. Planning an anniversary party can be a big job or a small one, depending on the event. Is it a massive 50-year anniversary party for your parents? Or an intimate gathering of friends celebrating the happy couple’s fifth? Either way, there are some basic steps that you need to consider when planning an anniversary party.

Time and Location 

The first step to planning an anniversary party in Washington, D.C. or any area is actually the same for any type of party: you have to choose a date, time, and location. For an anniversary party, the date should be close to the anniversary date. When choosing a date, make sure to check the schedules of the couple and any children or close family who they definitely want to attend. The time of the party will depend on the formality and tone of the party: a day-time party is often much more casual, so if you want a formal affair it should be at night. Location is another factor that depends on formality, you wouldn’t hold a formal event in a backyard. Make sure you choose a location that can accommodate all the people you want to invite, within your budget.

Theme and Design

The party theme should be reflective of the couple’s interests and personalities. For a more casual party, the theme could be something fun like a luau, but for more formal affairs the theme usually centers on a color or two, often one associated with the anniversary (like gold for the 50th) or the anniversary symbol (like wood for the 5th or copper for the 7th). The theme and design that you choose should carry through the invitations and decorations. Make sure that all of the decorations work together and match the theme.

Food and Drinks

When planning the food and drinks, set your budget first. The level of formality of your party should inform your food choices too: for a really formal party, opt for a caterer who will serve your guests, but for a casual luau you could just grill in your backyard.

Entertainment and Other Vendors

Like weddings, anniversary parties should have lots of dancing, so make sure you budget for a band or professional DJ. You should plan enough time to research and find the right DJ for your event. Make sure you choose someone who can play all the couple’s favorites as well as some more contemporary songs. Another important vendor to consider is a professional photographer – make sure you can capture all the great new memories of this awesome celebration.

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