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There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to planning a great summer party. From the food to the guest list, to the entertainment, hosting a great event can get complicated quickly. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make party planning simpler and allow you to enjoy your summer events. Partnering with professionals, such as a caterer or DJ, can help you ensure your summer party is a night to remember. Read on for some of our tips on how to plan an epic summer party.

Choose a Theme

A theme is a great way to make party planning simple and add personality to any aspect of your event. Choosing an overarching theme can help you pick decorations, food, and entertainment that will tie everything together and ensure your guests have a great time. If you choose to hire entertainment, you can work with a DJ to ensure the playlist is going to fit the right vibe for your summer bash. This can help keep your guests entertained and partying through the night.

Match the Food to the Event

The right food for your party will depend on the number of guests, the location, and more. If you’re having a backyard barbecue, consider handheld favorites like burgers and hotdogs. A potluck or catered buffet is great for graduation parties, and if you’re expecting a lot of kids, be sure to have fun drinks and ice cream on hand for any summer party.

Set Up the Space

Make sure your party space is arranged so that guests can mingle and enjoy all the activities you’ve planned. By dedicating spaces to gather, along with an area to eat, enjoy lawn games, or dance the night away. A pavilion or backyard will generally have room for a few designated areas, especially if you plan ahead to include space for games, DJ equipment, and seating.

Set the Mood

The right mood is crucial to throwing an epic summer party. Hiring a DJ can help ensure that an amazing playlist keeps guests in a great mood and ready to dance. If your summer party is celebrating a special occasion, like a birthday, graduation, or engagement, a DJ can also help celebrate the guest of honor and make the entertainment personal. Whatever kind of summer party you want to throw, planning and partnering with a DJ can help you make it an epic occasion.

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