Planning an Office Holiday Party in Baltimore

Here’s how to throw an amazing office holiday party that’s sure to be fun and festive for all!

The holiday season usually means everyone is making plans for holiday parties. Many companies or workplaces around Baltimore will throw an office holiday party to celebrate the year of success for their employees. Plenty of coworkers look forward to a fun event where they can laugh, dance, and chat with each other in a more relaxed setting than the usual 9 to 5 environment. Here are some preparations to make for an office holiday party in Baltimore to pull off the company bash of the year!

Determine the Holiday Party Scope

Aside from the date and place, employees may wonder what type of office holiday party they should be expecting. Your holiday party email should let everyone know what scope of the event will be. Will it be a casual get-together or a formal celebration? Are all employees invited or just upper management? Are family, small children, or guests allowed to attend, and if so, how many? What’s the dress code? Determining the scope of the holiday party will let you appropriately plan a budget and create the right tone or atmosphere at the event. 

Hire a DJ for the Holiday Party

The sure-fire way a party turns into a bust is if the music isn’t right. Hiring a DJ for your winter event means trusting an experienced DJ to keep the crowd engaged and happy throughout your party. Let the DJ know what type of holiday party the event will be, so they can play a mix of upbeat dance music or classy background jazz music to fit the party’s desired tone. For office holiday parties, a DJ will know to play a couple of festive songs and not to play slow songs.

Holiday Games and Activities

Get everyone at the holiday party in the spirit by planning for some holiday-themed activities. Let everyone know ahead of time if you want to plan a secret gift exchange to take place during the party. Other fun ideas include cookie decorating contests, ugly sweater contests, or holiday song karaoke competitions. By booking Raptor Productions for your music and entertainment needs, our DJ can even organize quick games that get the whole team playing. Holding little holiday activities lifts the spirits and encourages coworker camaraderie!

Festive Food and Drinks

Lastly, don’t leave your party-goers hungry. Plan a menu to have festive and fun party foods. Setting up a table of appetizers, small bites, and holiday treats is an easy option. Or, perhaps you will cater a dinner buffet. Some companies in Baltimore may provide alcoholic drinks for an office holiday party, which can eat into a party budget depending on how many people are attending. If it was an outstanding year for your company, toast to everyone’s success and hard work with a round of champagne.

Call Raptor Productions

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