Why Winter Weddings in the DMV Rule!

Planning for a winter wedding in the DMV? It’s a wonderful idea!

It feels like we just welcomed fall to the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area, but we’re already buzzing with excitement for winter. Many couples in the DMV also look forward to the winter season. Why?

Because they can’t wait to have their fabulous winter wedding!

Wedding season usually takes place from late spring to early fall. However, there are tons of perks to having a wintry wedding! Keep reading for the benefits of having a winter wedding, and book Raptor Productions for your wedding DJ in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area this winter season!

No Worries About Winter Weather

Winter weddings occur mainly indoors, so wet or windy weather is one less factor to worry about when planning your wedding. Outdoor weddings are great during warmer seasons, or if there is guaranteed beautiful weather (which is a big risk to take during your wedding planning). Since DMV winters bring the cold, many if not all wedding festivities take place indoors. Of course, a snowy wedding day could make for some great wedding photos, but you and your guests will probably want to dance and celebrate inside somewhere warm and cozy.

Additionally, winter weather in the DMV is not humid, so everyone’s hair and makeup can stay picture perfect during your wintry wedding.

Better Venue and Vendor Availabilities and Rates

Plenty of couples plan their wedding to take place during the spring, summer, and fall months. This demand means venues and vendors get booked up with huge rates. The winter months are comparatively less hectic for weddings, so you’ll more likely be able to book the location and vendors of your first choice for a reasonably priced rate. The vendors and venues could give you more flexibility during your winter wedding since they won’t be busy rushing to fulfill many other events back-to-back. Out-of-town wedding guests can also take advantage of cheaper off-season travel accommodations.

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Refreshing and Different Wedding Experience

You’ll try to be well-rested and prepared for your big day, so make sure your restful guests are ready to party too. Wedding fatigue could hit your guests during the thick of traditional wedding season, so a wintry wedding provides a refreshing time to attend your nuptials.

If your wedding day falls close to other winter celebrations, you can use some holiday decorations or have your wedding DJ play some holiday songs. This mix of wedding and holiday cheer can create a more festive vibe on your special day. If you rather not use holiday inspiration, winter season color schemes and floral arrangements add a unique touch to your winter wedding.

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