In recent years, wedding trends have been evolving as they are influenced by what is happening in the world. In 2022, it is expected that trends will continue to change as weddings become less traditional and more modern. 

Here are 2022 wedding trends that will change the perspective of old-school weddings. 

1) Wedding cakes are expected to become less extravagant, with fewer layers and more focus on design, rather than size. Instead of three different types of cake flavors, planners are seeing couples stick to two, perhaps one chocolate and one vanilla. Cakes are also expected to become smaller in size and for there to be more options with serving sizes, such as mini cupcakes or cake pops.

2) Instead of knickknacks as wedding gifts, planners are seeing more and more gifts that help the couple start married life together. These items may include personalized stationery or pots and pans.

3) An increasing number of couples are choosing to elope or keep their weddings small and intimate, opting instead for well-planned destination weddings. Destination weddings are becoming more popular, as they allow the couple’s closest friends and family members to travel to spectacular venues around the world.

4) Having the couple’s favorite songs as centerpieces have become popular. You can play them during the reception or just play them in the background. It can be a song that has played on your first date or the one that reminds you of the person who is standing by your side on your big day.

5) Neutrals such as white, gray, and black will continue to be popular wedding colors. However, lighter shades of green and lavender will become quite trendy as well.

6) While the tradition of wearing a veil goes back centuries, fewer brides are choosing to wear them today. Brides who do choose to wear a veil often choose short, symbolic veils.

7) Bouquets are becoming more creative and artistic than ever, with many brides opting to have oversized bouquets that resemble cascading flowers. The tradition of including only one flower from each member of the wedding party has also been a long-standing tradition. However, in 2022, the bouquet is likely to be designed with a range of colorful flowers from all members of the wedding party.

8) Many couples are choosing to treat their guests to unique experiences instead of giving them traditional wedding favors such as candles or coasters. Options include couples massages, cooking classes, brewery tours, and more.

9) Of course, we will still see traditional weddings take place in the future, but atypical weddings such as destination weddings and weddings under a circus-style tent will also continue to be popular for unique couples. Themed weddings will also continue to be popular, with couples incorporating their favorite hobbies and interests into the wedding.

10) Couples getting married nowadays are using their star signs and zodiac symbols in their wedding. Weddings are not only a celebration of two souls becoming one but also the joining of their sun signs and zodiacs. Having the date and time of your birth written on your invitations, save-the-date, or wedding invitation can be very romantic. Another idea is to use your zodiac colors as wedding uplighting on the walls of your venue. It is also a chance to share your zodiac sign with your guests and let them know what they can expect on your big day.

11) Instead of having flower girls and ring bearers, why not ask the children in the family to be a part of your wedding? You can ask them to hand you the rings, carry some boutonnieres and bouquets, and even walk with their parents. Having children involved in your wedding is not only fun but it also teaches them about love and family.

12) Make guests feel like they are a part of the wedding by having them play games such as “guess how many candies are in the jar” or “who will be getting married next”. These games also allow you to bond with your friends and family and share some memories that you might want to remember forever. 

13) Even with the pandemic, couples are opting out for smaller weddings of about 50 people to keep it close-knit and intimate. Although, weddings that had to be small at the beginning of the pandemic are getting their larger sequel wedding this year. 

While each trend outlined above is unique, it is safe to say that weddings are constantly evolving. From having children involved in the wedding to having traditional weddings take place outside of ballrooms or museums, couples are continually coming up with new ways to plan their big days. As society’s views continue to change, so will the trends surrounding weddings.