Why Throw A Fantastic Winter Formal

Raptor Productions loves DJ-ing winter formals as much as students love them! See why winter formal dances are making a comeback to schools.

Winter formals are making a comeback in schools all around the Baltimore, Maryland area. Often held sometime between December and February, winter formals can go by various names and themes. Mostly, these themes have to do with the cold weather or holiday season. It’s not surprising why this type of school dance is making a revival. Not only do students enjoy the wintry-themed dance with friends, but schools also get perks from sponsoring a fun event, including getting extra funds. If your school isn’t already planning one, keep reading to see why you should throw a winter formal school dance and how it gives back school-wide benefits.

Fundraising Opportunity

Any opportunity to sell tickets for a school-sponsored occasion, like a sports game or school dance, is an opportunity to fundraise. These funds go directly back into throwing the awesome event or supporting other school projects. Surrounding school-organized events, you may even be able to partner with local businesses to hold fundraising nights or have them cater the function. In exchange, they get exposure throughout your community.

Preview Prom

If you pull off an exceptional winter dance, this is an excellent chance for all the students to preview the great time they will have at prom in the spring. Generally, winter formals are more casual than proms since many proms take place at a venue, and the formal is held at school. If the decorations, activities, and most importantly, music, are all a big hit at the winter dance, this is more likely to encourage a higher student turnout to prom and even other future school dances. Be sure to hire a reputable school DJ from Raptor Productions to make sure every dance is better than the last.

Boost School Spirit

Homecoming week drums up so much school spirit and excitement leading up to the homecoming dance. When it comes to winter formal, the anticipation is even more overwhelming! Adding holiday spirit into the mix will be sure to make this time of year surrounding the school dance extra special. Depending on the date, the formal can be just the right time for students to party together before their winter break, or as a welcome back celebration early in the new year. Winter dances are a great way to boost school spirit and student morale in the middle of the school year during dreary winters.

Winter Formal Fun

Throwing a winter formal could be just the joyous event your students look forward to in between homecoming and prom. Students dress up and experience a night where their school gets transformed into a “winter wonderland,” a “snowball”, or a “northern lights” exhibit. Like other successful school dances, the winter formal is a chance for students to get lost in some fun, music, and dancing under the safe supervision of the school.

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