3 Must-Haves When Planning a School Dance in Carroll County

Do you have these 3 must-haves at your dance? A school disc jockey better be one of them!

School is in session and so are the homecoming dance committee meetings. Planning a school dance is fun and rewarding, but takes careful thought and organization to pull off. So many little decisions go into each part of a homecoming dance, like what color scheme matches a theme or what music will the school disc jockey play first?

This school dance season in Carroll County, plan for the best your school has yet to see! Here are three must-haves and how to plan for them at your Carroll County school dance.


Setting a theme dictates a lot of the decorations and visuals you will use at the dance. The theme also sets the atmosphere for the type of homecoming dance experience students will have. A more casual idea like a carnival or a tropical beach can be more light-hearted and colorful, while a Hollywood or Vegas theme can be more formal. The school disc jockey can play the music that is more suited for each theme while still trying to get everyone to dance.

Pick a thought out and crowd-pleasing theme. Then, bring the vision to life by choosing decorations and setting up photo booths with that theme in mind. 

Music and Entertainment

What’s a dance without music? At this point, your best bet of finding the perfect homecoming dance music is by hiring a school disc jockey, not a band. In a nutshell, an experienced school disc jockey in Carroll County, like Raptor Productions, can provide the best variety of songs on a school-approved budget. A professional DJ takes into account your music preferences but can read the room to keep the school dance enjoyable for everyone.

Aside from music, plan early for other entertainment at the homecoming for when students take a break from dancing. Some ideas include caricature artists, game vendors, or magicians. 


Providing refreshments at a school dance is a great way to keep everyone hydrated and satiated in between songs. You can opt for foods that suit your theme, like cotton candy and popcorn for carnival themes or serve some bites buffet style for more formal themes. No matter the menu, food often ties together a whole experience. Some light snacks can be just the thing to keep students dancing and happy at your homecoming.

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