Common Prom Planning Problems: Fixed!

Prom planning is no small feat; Check out these tips to make it easier. Who’s excited for prom season?

Many high schools are starting their prom planning. While it is so rewarding and fun to plan the best night for the students, there can be a few bumps in the road leading up to prom night. Here, we’ve outlined a few common prom planning problems and ways to avoid or resolve the situation. This way, you can make your prom preparations with less anxiety and more excitement!

Not Knowing Where to Start

Prom planning is a huge undertaking. There are both creative and logistic aspects to consider to put together the biggest school dance of the year. Well, that’s where the prom planning committee comes into play. Assembling a diverse group of students that represents the overall student body’s interests will get the creative ideas flowing for theme, games, and decorations. However, it’s also worth asking one or a few teachers to oversee the committee. Having faculty who are seasoned prom-planners assist the planning process lets them lend their experience to the student committee. Additionally, having an adult handle the credit card transactions for booking the entertainment, venue, and food should incur fewer problems than a student making the purchase.

Conflicting Ideas and Going Over-Budget

A prom planning committee in the early phases of brainstorming is sure to come up with a few conflicting or challenging ideas. To not waste time arguing about specific details, and avoid hurt feelings, lay down a couple of ground rules. For example, a set budget is a non-negotiable item. This rule alone can eliminate discussion over unfeasible ideas so you can move onto the next idea, and avoid overspending. Decide ahead of time whether final decisions will be a majority or unanimous decision, or if the decisions will be delegated. 

Trouble Finding and Booking the Entertainment and Catering

With so many school DJs and catering companies available in your area, it can be tough narrowing down your decision. The best approach is to pick and hire a reputable school DJ with tons of positive testimonials. If the school homecoming dance or winter formal was a big hit, definitely invite the same DJ back for prom night. For catering, reading reviews will help, but the final food decision may coincide with the evening’s theme or depend on your budget.

Inconvenient Prom Ticket Buying and Selling

Ticket sales are usually cash transactions taking place over lunch periods and handled by multiple students or volunteers. To simplify the ticket sales process, sell the prom tickets online! As convenient as it is for students to request songs online (with Raptor Productions), purchasing tickets should be that easy too. No more forgetting money or risk losing track of all that cash. A secure payment portal makes sure every student — or their parents — can buy a ticket, keep it safe until prom night, and use a credit card to have a record of the sale. When rebooking the same homecoming DJ that was a huge hit, we recommend raising ticket prices by an extra $5 to help cover costs and further cushion your budget.

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